Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Its almost done!

After about five hours of sewing by hand today and four hours yesterday, i am almost finished with my shirt! today i tried it on with my skirt and was very surprised to find it looked incredible. For this being my first article of clothing i've sewn (well i did a pair of pajama pants for school), it is absolutely amazing. plus i was able to do this all without a pattern, i was too stingy to buy an actual pattern and probably would have goteen confused/frustrated by it so instead i just sketched out the design, drew it out on the sheets and cut it out. plus the shirt i purchased to be used for undersleeves it the perfect complement to the dress itself! the only thing missing is a brooch which i expect i can find in the town thrift shop or good will. if not there is always ebay and amazon. the brooch will be the only thing i pay for besides the shirt. the dress itself is free since i used old sheets <3

all i have left to do on the shirt is sew on buttons and hem one thing. it will be maybe an hour left of sewing tops, my next project is going to be an apron for the dress. i am quite excited to see the finished product.

in other news, i inquired about joining a reeacting unit today. hopefully i'll hear something about this in the next few days. that way all of my sewing wont have been in vain...haha either way it wasnt in vain, i finally have a beautiful, hand sewn creation to call my own. its my baby and i love it with all my heart!

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