Monday, August 31, 2009


my fingers are aching but i think i might attempt the bodice tonight. though it is less fabric than the skirt, it will probably be more sewing. if only it was possible to crochet this piece and have it look just like the skirt. i am making plans to crochet a shawl for my ball gown.

i feel kind of silly about ordering my ball gown, i love it and i havent even recieved ti yet, but i rushed into buying it without thinking of the historical acuracy. luckily for me, it is historically accurate and was really cheap for a ball gown. on top of that i got to choose the color satin and ribbon i wanted, so it was still a great buy! once it arrives i am posting pics, ive been dreaming of it since i payed for it.

i also have another day dress coming in the mail. it cost me about 4 dollars, 9 with shipping, so i figured even if it was a bust, i wasnt emptying my wallet over it. it should be here before the ball gown.

now i will have three outfits to wear for reenactofest 6 in chicago two day dresses and a ball gown, it just so happens there is a ball.

the white shirt i am wearing in the toher pictures was actually purchased to wear under a short sleeved day dress for undersleeves. now i can use it as a second bodice for my skirt which gets me two outfits in one :D

the only dilemma i have is what shoes to wear for my day dresses. i have a pair of black lace up converse that go to my knee and could possibly pass as boots but i'd feel like i was betraying my costume. i just dont want to shell out the 40-60 dollars for a cheap pair of boots. a trip to the local good will is in order.

sadly the jo-ann by my house (5 min away) is now offically closed. i am confined to hobby lobby for fabric unless i want to drive 30 min to go to the other jo-ann. im sure the pull of jo-ann will be too strong and ill be over there in no time.

well now i am off to relax for a bit before diving into more sewing :D perhaps by the end of tonight i will have myself a bodice! now that i think of it, the sewing shouldnt be all that much. 2 front pieces, one back, four pieces for the sleeves, its totally do-able.

happy crafting

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