Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love is in the air...

I suppose it's only natural with spring finally showing its face, but i am just simply in love with everything! the sun, the smells, the promise of flowers, books, chick flicks...its just fun! After finishing a long book series i had been reading over the past year or so i was up in the air as to what to read next. i toyed around with 'Wicked: Legacy and Spellbound' but it was much to dark a tale to read at the moment. Then i picked up 'Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason' and i think that will be the next read but i wanted something a bit...deeper. So on a whim i picked 'Wuthering Heights' off of my book shelf and now i am simply enthralled. Heathcliff is such a complex surly character it gives me butterflies just thinking about him. I am only about 80 pages into it but i can see this being one of my favorite books of all time. I loved 'Pride and Prejudice' though i found it a bit slow at points, however, 'Wuthering Heights' is going at such a faster pace and i like Emily Bronte's style of writing more than Jane Austens. I think i might try and pick up 'Jane Eyre' again and see if Charlotte can draw me in as much as her sister.

I've taken a quick break from reading to snuggle up with my pillow and blanket and watch 'Titanic' with my sister and mom. i love this movie so much and totally fits my mood of lovey dovey chick flicks that arent tooo cheezy. I think i shall have to rent 'Wuthering Heights' after i'm done reading it... i love it so much.

Tomorrow i have about 2 1/2 hours of waiting around at school before i head off to German 203 so i think this book shall accompany me to the library.

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


so my wonderful wheel arrived on Friday and i have spent so much time getting to know her that i havent even posted anything about her yet... spinning is just so much fun! After taking about 2 hours to put together (and a mad rush to Lowes to get some spare screws) i sat down and tried to spin. At first i was awful! I couldnt draft, the fiber wouldnt stay on the started thread, i was freaking out...but i calmed myself down, changed fibers (the corriedale was not working for me :P) and was on my way to spinning my first skein (a wool blend i purchased at reenactorfest).

After ... 5 days of spinning, i have 1 grey skein, 2 chocolate skeins, and 3 white skein spun. so far i have crocheted a shawl out of the white (corriedale) and i have started the clapochet with the brown! i am almost scared to keep spinning because i will run out of fiber too soon and i dont hvae the budget to replenish my stock (or the LYS that stock cheap fiber). however there are a bunch of festivals coming up that i can get fiber at and i am making a trip up to The Fold in Marengo I.L. on Thursday so hopefully i can stock up on some merino while i'm there.

I have also started a bunch of spring cleaning around my house! It feels so nice to be home alone all day while i clean and have trashy tv on in the background :) And i am entertaining the idea of sleeping in... though it hasnt happened yet :( The smell of spring in my room and the sounds and the sun is all so enlightening! i wish it could last forver, but school starts next week so i have to get back to classes :P This term ended much better than i thought it would!

happy crafting!

here are some pics of Rosie and such!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i got an A in the class! i got an AAAAAAAA i cant believe it! this was the worst class i have had in a while grade wise but i did the extra credit, got a B on the final and rocked this!!!!!! i am so excited!!! this has got to be the best end of finals ever, even with my foot stll hurting! this is wonderful! and tomorrow i will stay in pajamas and watch tv and do nothing and it will feel sooooo good!

Happy Days!

on top of that the weather is wonderful! its warm and sunny and perfect!!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


so usually i manage to avoid those bad luck final weeks when it comes to school but for some reason this term was different and boy did it strike hard!!! Today started off so ugh! I woke up an hour early, but i recovered by the time i was done with my german "final" since i had a sushi lunch and then a latin "final" to look forward to. (german was roll plays and latin was watching rome :D). by the time i got to latin i was just tired. when i got home i was fine and then i started to finish my geology stuff :S I corrected my paper. fine. I typed up notes. fine. I typed an extra credit paper. fine. Then i typed my works cited...still fine. but come time to print and all hell broke loose! i ran out of paper and this time i couldnt scrounge up a few extra sheets. then i stubbed my toe so badly it still hurts!!!!! and then after i found some paper from the 1980's (no joke! it's left over from when my mom and dad were first married) i ran out of paper again! but not everything is all printed but i left the stapler in the car so i'm leaving that for the morning. i can finally say i am done with the rush of work (boy am i glad i typed my paper two weeks ago!) all i have left to do is turn it all in and take the final :P this geology class has been awfully hard but i'm ready to take this test and be done with it. then...dare i say it...i'll be on spring break! and i dont have a headache right now :D

the one piece of news that keeps me motivated (well besides two weeks of no college) is that Rosie is in the mail!!!!! and i'll be here to recieve her!

well, wish me luck tomorrow!
Happy Crafting!

here is what i wrote about!Glacier Bay National Park!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wheel 2.0

So my last wheel purchase was a dud but now i have purchased a Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel!!!!! it should hopefully be coming in the mail within the next week or two...perfext timing for my spring break!!!! plus i got a free high speed kit, free niddy noddy and a free lb of wool! im sooooo happy...but now i need name ideas for it! I'm thinking coco (as in bret's gf from Flight of the Conchords, but i'll have to see :D)

i'll probably put some pics up when i get it!

happy crafting

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It couldnt figure out a name for the title so hmm it is :)

i'm so excited to do a presentation in class tomorrow, and that is followed up by a test, which i'm even more excited about... what in the world is going on? I swore this entire term i hated geology, and i'm still not a fan, but i got to write a paper about glacier bay national park and now it seems as if geology has moved up a few rungs on the ladder :) now i'm taking a rock test which i will... rock hehe. yay!

i just cant explain why i am so overly thrilled about this...well it is a presentation in english after all...i cant remember the last time i've had a presentation in english. and my german class has definitely destroyed most of my uncomfortablness when it comes to public speaking (acting out silly skits in no where near to perfect stuff (i truly love it)).

and, i am happy to announce that as of 1:00 pm-ish today i will have completed my last Latin assignment for this term! then it is independent study for me from here on out...till next year ahhhh! we are watching rome for our final! i am so excited!

and my last little happy bit for the day, i started watching the Neverending Story yesterday. this was my favorite movie when i was a kid, and it was on Netflix so i got the bf to queue it for me and then curled up on the couch and enjoyed. i love it! its kinda corny and the effects are silly compared to now-a-days but even though i dont remember it i know i've seen it and watching it makes me feel like a kid again! i kept singing the theme song all night much to the bf's dismay :P

happy crafting!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleep :S

I need sleep! I should have been in bed by 9:30...which i was but i cant fall asleep. So i have occupied myself with other things such as looking at yarn, and patterns, and spinning wheels. sadly my first spinning wheel was not what i was looking for so that got sent back and now i just get to admire wheels since i dont have the money to buy one now. however, when i do have money i would like to get the ashford kiwi! i think its simply wonderful!

in other news, i have finished a five page paper on the geology of Glacier Bay National Park, and i am pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it was. This paper marked the last hard thing i have to do for this winter term! i only have one final, even though i'm taking three classes, and we are allowed a note sheet for the final!!! For german we are just having regular class, my professor doesnt believe in tests, and in Latin we are watching "Rome" which is fine by me because i looooove that show! But the best news of all is that i have two finals on monday and one on tuesday which means that i have no school on wednesday and my spring break starts one day early!!!!

I have already kicked off this final extravaganza by taking a Radio final today :P it was easy, as i expected, and now i'm done with the horrible radio meeting for two weeks or so.

In my free time i have been working on my knit sweater and at the moment have about 9 inches of the body done! this is really exciting and it is showing my that knitting isnt as awful as i thought it was...mainly because i'm making something besides scarves! i think i'd like to try a knit shawl next :) speaking of shawls, my sister finally made herself a shawl this past weekend! heres the story:
i took her out to breakfast as an early birthday present then we headed over to hobby lobby for a yarn shopping spree! She deiced she wanted to get a bunch of light airy colors for summer but couldnt figure out what to make with the yarn. i had been begging her for months to let me make her a shawl and she always said no, but all of a sudden she decided..."hey i think i'll make a shawl". a few hours later she was sporting a baby pink south bay shawlette and i was beaming with pride! This upcoming saturday is her acutal birthday so maybe she'll wear it then! she has already started another shawl, this one is with a baby blue cotton. it made me want to make a cotton shawl for summer seeing as i only have awesome heavy winter shawls...sans the mini mochi shawlette and the iceland yarn southbay.

typing this all out has made me a bit more tired, but i still cant bring myself to go to bed :P

OH! i must do a spring cleaning immediately...otherwise known as spring break! my room is so messy and i hate it yet i dont have time to really clean it :( so maybe that wednesday that i am off i will get rid of a bunch of stuff and feel really good about it! then perhaps my dad will take me up on a house cleaning offer :) maybe this wheel is a possibility after all :D

happy crafting!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To knit or not to knit...that is the question

So i recently knit a pair of socks and now it seems i have the knitting bug again. For my three years of knitting all i ever made was scarves scarves and more scarves ugh!!!! but after seeing how easy making my socks was i am tempted to try a sweater particular OWLS because it looks easy enough, i can do cables and it seems like a fairly quick project. i want to use fishermans wool, but i'm undecided about the color as of right now...and i think i will knit this on my 10 1/2 needles seeing as i already own them. This weekend i am taking my sister out to a birthday breakfast and yarn trip so if i find better yarn at Hobby Lobby i will get it...if not to michael's for the fishermans wool. I recently made some money crocheting shawls so i think it will go towards yarn and the pattern itself and maybe needles :P

in other news, i finished my Seraphina shawl with the nature's brown fisherman's wool and i must say i loved both the pattern and the yarn. now i'm using natural to make my mom a shawl :D i cant stop crocheting shawls :D

i think i will knit the sweater during my 10 or so day spring break so i have time :) and the boyfriends grandma in case i have a nervous break down...i'm hoping this will go as smoothly as my socks :)

i also need to clean out my room and organize!!!! i want to get rid of some things, but i'm terrible at that so maybe i'll just put somethings away for a few months. although yarn, needles, hooks, heddles, a loom and books are really what is taking over my room...and i just cant get rid of any of that now can i :S

Happy Crafting!

Monday, March 1, 2010

woops forgot one picture :P

Here is the shawl for the boyfriend's mom!

Happy crafting!

Spring? Is that you?

Upon waking up to the successful blocking of my 5th and final RavOlympics shawl, I was delighted to hear a familiar sound, that of cute little birds chirping outside of my window. Now these are not just any birds, these are those birds that start to come around when Spring is near, and the chirp happily and flutter about. Even just hearing the sounds warms me up! Too bad when I look outside the grass is still brown. But these birds make waking up on a Monday reason to celebrate! Even the gray skies seem less gray, like they are about to give way to the sun (I know you are out there!). I can't believe me, lover of winter, is so happy about these little birds chirping.
See my little birds, they just left after I took this picture :( Well Spring is (oh I don't like the sounds of geese honking :P and they just flew by) just around the corner...hahaha. I'd like to think so at least. Then again, I live in Illinois, who am I kidding? Last year it snowed in April, right after I had gotten back from Spring Break. But I always try to hope for spring so maybe this year my wish will be granted!

Thinking about spring has made me daydream of my life. I want to live in a little cottage in the woods in a small town and wake up to this every morning :) I could sit by my window and smile at the little flowers that scatter the ground outside as i sip a cup of tea and do something relating to yarn or read a book. That sounds nice. But I have school today so my dreams of cottages and endless amounts of yarn must hold off. Ich muss deutsch sprechen und spaeter muss ich latein sprechen. Das gefaellt mir, aber ich bin muede und ich muss ins Bett bleiben.

Here are some pics from the RavOlympics!
Now what do I work on? I have now sucessfully completed my 10 shawls in 2010 goal by crocheting five more during the Ravolympics, that brings the total shwl count for 2010 up to 14!

Happy Crafting!