Saturday, November 20, 2010

CSN Review

Hello again,

So my exciting news is that the other day I was contacted by CSN to do a review of one of their products. This should be quite fun seeing as I have never worked with any of their sites before. Hopefully I will be able to get a review up sometime soon, I still have to figure out what I am going to review!

CSN is a site that has over 200+ stores you can choose from! Right now I am looking at a pair of shoes but you can find anything from furniture to a suitcase which means I could easily spend hours browsing their sites. If you want to check them out you can do so here.

As soon as I feel I have had time to assess the product (about two weeks after I get it) and the company I will get on Blogger and let you all know :)

Until next time,
Happy crafting!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello again!

Wow it seems like time has flown by since my last post. Summer traveling and school can do that to you :)

Of course I've been busy with knitting, I just finished sweater #6 and started a pair of mittens for the BF. Also, I've started another blog where I am talking about manicures that I do and reviewing nail polish.

School has been great, I am almost over with this term and then more traveling. This season will be Detroit, San Juan and Boston!

Other than that I have some exciting news to talk about but I'll save that for an upcoming post.

Until next time,
Happy crafting!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A love affair with Vera...

...Bradley that is. I got hooked on the brand during this past christmas when the bf's Grandmother gave me the most gorgeous Vera Bradley eye glasses case for Christmas. The next day I searched their sales online for a purse in the print that was cheap enough...which sadly I couldnt find so instead I found another print I liked and bought that. Later on the BF got me a cute id case with the orignal print that i loved (Blue Rhapsody). For a while i was content with just that one purse and a look at the website every now and then...alas, it was not to be like that for long. I saw Vera Bradley tea cups and mugs while shopping at a Barnes and Noble yet i was able to resist. When my dad needed to run to the outlet mall, the very same outlet mall that is home to one of only two Vera Bradley outlet stores, i finally broke down. At first the BF bought me a purse in my new favorite print, Symphony in Hue, then i went back two days later and bought a mail bag in Bali Gold, and then after careful consideration, and with thoughts of my trip to florida on friday in my mind, me and the BF sprang for the large duffel bag in Calypso (which i had always like but not loved until i saw it in this style). What can I say, I'm in love.

The best part is I dragged my mom down with me. She bought two purses while I was there and has already decided we are going back in August after me and my sister get back from Florida.

In other news: I have finished my Inishtuk sweater <3, Ice Queen, and one thrummed mitten. While in Florida i plan to knit a February Lady Sweater and a pair of mittens (these are a request from the sis). Knowing me i'll bring at least one more project, i'd hate to run out of projects half way through the vacation and i dont know how close any yarn shops are to our hotel :S

Also, in the nail art world, i am now sporting a pair of freshly painted mint ice cream nails, which were a request by the BF. I thought these were fun to do even if it meant getting rid of the manicure i had just done yesterday (and fell in love with). I plan to go back to that once in Florida, but my traveling mani will be three coats of Peach Smoothie from Revlon's Summer Scents and my pedi will be Orange Pop (which is Revlon's Scented Nail Polish as well) with a top coat of China Glaze Gold Glitter. I'm not an orange loving person but orange nail polish and Florida seemed to go together! And i'll have scented nails, what fun!

Well it's off to bed for me,
Happy Crafting,

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm still here...

School, as always, has taken my time away, and before i knew it, my blog had not been updated since March!!! The end of March mind you, but still. There are so many things that have happened since I last updated, so where to begin!

I have finished a knit cardigan and sweater, the latter of which was for the bf.

I have spun quite a lot of yarn and made some shawls with it.

I finally purchased some yarn I was craving and turned it into my favorite shawl.

I am currently working on another sweater, this one for myself.

I finished school for the year!

I've become obsessed with nail polish and painting my nails, especially if it involves a bottle of Revlon Summer Scented Nail Polish :D

Summer is here!

My hockey team, the Blackhawks, won the Stanley Cup!

For now this is all I can possibly think of. I am so tired and want to sleep so I can get up and knit :D

Good night for now!
Happy Crafting!


P.S. I felt inspired to change my layout, I think it's quite charming!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love is in the air...

I suppose it's only natural with spring finally showing its face, but i am just simply in love with everything! the sun, the smells, the promise of flowers, books, chick flicks...its just fun! After finishing a long book series i had been reading over the past year or so i was up in the air as to what to read next. i toyed around with 'Wicked: Legacy and Spellbound' but it was much to dark a tale to read at the moment. Then i picked up 'Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason' and i think that will be the next read but i wanted something a bit...deeper. So on a whim i picked 'Wuthering Heights' off of my book shelf and now i am simply enthralled. Heathcliff is such a complex surly character it gives me butterflies just thinking about him. I am only about 80 pages into it but i can see this being one of my favorite books of all time. I loved 'Pride and Prejudice' though i found it a bit slow at points, however, 'Wuthering Heights' is going at such a faster pace and i like Emily Bronte's style of writing more than Jane Austens. I think i might try and pick up 'Jane Eyre' again and see if Charlotte can draw me in as much as her sister.

I've taken a quick break from reading to snuggle up with my pillow and blanket and watch 'Titanic' with my sister and mom. i love this movie so much and totally fits my mood of lovey dovey chick flicks that arent tooo cheezy. I think i shall have to rent 'Wuthering Heights' after i'm done reading it... i love it so much.

Tomorrow i have about 2 1/2 hours of waiting around at school before i head off to German 203 so i think this book shall accompany me to the library.

Happy Crafting

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


so my wonderful wheel arrived on Friday and i have spent so much time getting to know her that i havent even posted anything about her yet... spinning is just so much fun! After taking about 2 hours to put together (and a mad rush to Lowes to get some spare screws) i sat down and tried to spin. At first i was awful! I couldnt draft, the fiber wouldnt stay on the started thread, i was freaking out...but i calmed myself down, changed fibers (the corriedale was not working for me :P) and was on my way to spinning my first skein (a wool blend i purchased at reenactorfest).

After ... 5 days of spinning, i have 1 grey skein, 2 chocolate skeins, and 3 white skein spun. so far i have crocheted a shawl out of the white (corriedale) and i have started the clapochet with the brown! i am almost scared to keep spinning because i will run out of fiber too soon and i dont hvae the budget to replenish my stock (or the LYS that stock cheap fiber). however there are a bunch of festivals coming up that i can get fiber at and i am making a trip up to The Fold in Marengo I.L. on Thursday so hopefully i can stock up on some merino while i'm there.

I have also started a bunch of spring cleaning around my house! It feels so nice to be home alone all day while i clean and have trashy tv on in the background :) And i am entertaining the idea of sleeping in... though it hasnt happened yet :( The smell of spring in my room and the sounds and the sun is all so enlightening! i wish it could last forver, but school starts next week so i have to get back to classes :P This term ended much better than i thought it would!

happy crafting!

here are some pics of Rosie and such!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i got an A in the class! i got an AAAAAAAA i cant believe it! this was the worst class i have had in a while grade wise but i did the extra credit, got a B on the final and rocked this!!!!!! i am so excited!!! this has got to be the best end of finals ever, even with my foot stll hurting! this is wonderful! and tomorrow i will stay in pajamas and watch tv and do nothing and it will feel sooooo good!

Happy Days!

on top of that the weather is wonderful! its warm and sunny and perfect!!!!!