Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update on Projects

I suppose it is time i write another one of these. i've been busy with lots of projects and school over the past few weeks but it has all been fun. i wore my civil war dress for halloween and it was a huge hit!

i have also sucessfully cabled in crochet, and made a wonderful shawl (which will now be produced in wool, probably on my trip to boston). due to a wonderful sale at Michaels, i purchesed a large amount of wool and felted for the first time! i looooove wool! but only when it is 2.50 a skein instead of 5.00. basically i stocked up, i think over all i bought 11 skeins, but i couldnt help myself, it is sooo warm and the colors from Paton's are beautiful! of course i felted a pair of slippers, the most wonderful things ever, and i've made a wool cowl as well.

up next on my to do list is spinning yarn! i bought 2 ounces of purple alpaca and started carding that today, so that when my spindle arrives i can spin spin spin! i also bought a pound of llama to be carded and dyed perhaps! we shall see. this shall all come in handy when i have to give a presentation in class next week about a personal item, hand spun yarn kicks ass and is easy to break down for came from these animals bla bla bla.

in other news i joined a website called ravelry to keep all of my projects in order, and see how long it took me. it is really fun to search for patterns and such! then i decided i'll crochet a sweater seeing as my shawl wasnt so bad!

of course i am off from school in 1 week so i will have loads of time to venture into the world of hand spinning and crocheted garments. i'd say shawl #1 will soon have a friend. Perhaps i can do some cleaning and organizing as well.

but now for the most exciting bit of news! i have gotten my first tattoo, an incredibly daring... ball of yarn and crochet hook :) it's purple and absolutely wonderful. when it is done healing, a picture shall be posted. in two weeks i think i will go back and get a little book on my right foot (the ball and hook are on my left :) )

oh and Jessi and i finally taught mom how to crochet, now shes working on a scarf, has made two hats, and working on a third. i simply cannot get enough of this crochet business!

happy crafting!

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