Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Crochet List

So as chrsitmas approaches rather quickly, i have begun my christmas presents...most of which i plan to crochet. heres the list:

6 scarves
1 pair of socks
2 hats
14 headbands
1 pair of mittens
13 or so christmas trees
3 snowflakes

YIKES!!!!! This will be fun. 5/6 scarfs i will use yarn bee cameo on so i could knock one out every 45 min or so, i've finished one hat and one snowflake. the headbands shouldnt be too bad and everything else i can usually get out in a hour or two. i just have to pace myself...not to mention the two hats i'm making for guys at Tomato Tattoo :P but i'll hold those off till Jan when i go with a friend to get touch ups, yay!!!!

Happy Crafting and Happy Holidays

P.S. i so totally crocheted a hat for a tattoo, i think thats one of the most awesome things i've done...ever :)

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