Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just a thought...

Everytime I enter a shop that i know has yarn, i have to stop and look around. It has gotten to the point now that i'll spend endless amounts of time pacing back and forth in front of the yarn trying to decide on somehting that i'd love to buy. of course if i could i'd buy all the yarn there is but i dont have the money to do that so instead i stand and stare dreaming of projects i'd love to make someday.

at the moment my current yarn obsession is Homspun by lion brand. i got a giftcard to michaels for christmas and decided since homespun was on sale i would buy some and make a shawl or somehting with it. instead i got around to making my Martha Stewart's Coming Home Poncho that i'd dreamed of making since before i could crochet. it's glorious, i love it and i want to make more. now usually when i do a large project i need time to relax before diving into the next one but since homespun works up so quickly and the colors are so entertaining i went out to the store and bought three more skeins to make a poncho for my mom for her birthday. she's been going on about how much she loves my poncho and how much she wants one, so i decided what better than to make her one of her own :)

that brings me to another point. i love birthdays and holidays. i can go out and buy yarn without feeling bad about it (even though most of the yarn i buy is cheep, it's still hard to get buy on a college student budget :P). i can get some yarn that i might never have worked with since the colors arent my thing but they work for someone else and make something new and exciting...or make a bunch of scarves like i did for christmas. all in all, i am addicted to yarn, and crochet, and yes even knitting...though i havent knit anything since the two scarves i made in the summer.

i need to find a nice pattern to ease me back into knitting.

i think i'll work on a few more rows before i head off to bed...

Happy Crafting :)

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