Thursday, January 14, 2010


I attended a wonderful concert on tuesday at which i saw my favorite band and third favorite band, got recognized by a fan of my radio show, and met the lead singer and bassist of my favorite band.

also, i have officially been added as a designer on :) now i can post pictures and such when i put up a design. i must get busy! i think the next post will be my winter earflap hat.

in other news i had a very productive crochet day today. i went from being on row 9 to row 17 on the poncho that i am making for my mom for her birthday. it is really pretty homespun yarn, and though u got mad at it as soon as i switched to the second skein (the yarn wasnt as tightly...spun) it all worked out in the end. this has been good work for my sore body (yay concerts).

now i'm looking for a new pattern to start on when i finish my mom's poncho. perhaps a new scarf, or cowl, or pillow. im up for anything. i'd love to work with homespun again but i dont have the money, perhaps i'll just try out some new patterns or write some :) i do have a bunch of Patons Wool that needs crocheting. And i have a small pile of WIPs to finish, a sweater, scarf and cowl.

happy crafting

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