Monday, August 31, 2009

That was easy...

So i awoke at 10 am not 8 am as planned, but it didnt really affect my plan for the day. after tampering with the ancient sewing machine for an hour and a half i gave up on that idea and decided to make my dress the old fashioned way. Last night i got all the peices cut out so this morning i sewed two of the three 40"x47" together then i sewed on the third peice but i did not connect the two. instead i folded down the top of the skirt that would sit at my waist and sewed in the elastic band.

note on the elastic band: if you are going to be sewing a dress/skirt and are using sheets, try to cut out the pattern with the already hemmed part at the bottom so you dont have to hem the skirt. then if you are also taking fabric from the fitted sheets with the elastic band, you can cut off the elastic band and save it for later.

i ended up making my skirt a drawstring skirt because it gave the effect of being a pleated/bustled dress with out all the extra work, and it is adjustable :D

i havent gotten around to the shirt/bodice part of my dress, but i think for now i will work on an apron, which i shall make out of a old pillowcase :D

all in all my new day skirt cost me all of $0 which makes me a very frugale seamstress. i'd say this was a very sucessful day.

the pattern for this dress was taken from

thats an awesome site if you are looking for descriptions of what women wore and didnt wear during the civil war days. :D

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