Monday, August 31, 2009

To sleep or not to sleep?

Well, here it goes, i've been up for hours researching civil war dresses and gowns, and finally i decided i will make a day dress to wear to a reenactment festival i am planning to attend in february. after much debate, i figured dropping in on my neighborhood jo-ann (which, sadly, is closing) to look for some fabric for a dress was the best solution. then i found mint green checked sheets in our linen closet which hadnt been used in years. making an executive descision, i took the sheets, attempted to draw up a pattern and then transfer it onto the fabric. well, my pattern had to be revised, and i messed up on my sleeves, i cut four right sides and no left sides, but i have enough fabric left to make the left sleeves and i was able to recycle the elastic band from the sheets and will use it for my skirt :D all in all, i think it a very sucessful night. now i'm hoping to just sew this thing up tomorrow and be done, probably wont happen but we will see. at the moment i am half tempted to run down stairs and at least make the skirt, but my eyes are begging me to stop. They've watched me be very crafty this weekend. i crocheted a frankenstein amigurumi, two hats (1.0 and 2.0) a pair of socks, some flowers and circles. once again, id say another sucessful weekend. well, hopefully my eight oclock alarm will wake me up, and then perhaps, i'll have a dress before the siblings school lets out. wish me luck. 'night


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