Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Loom Loom Loom

Yes! It is true! my brand new loom arrived today in the mail. in my addiction to the fiber arts i decided it was high time i tried weaving and i love it. i have already woven a good amount of fabric and the only reason i stopped was because i ran out of warp thread :P Speaking of i am going to warp it again and perhaps try out a scarf...hmmmm

but back to weaving, i love it. it goes so fast and the way the fabric works up is beautiful! i tried out a black and red houndstooth pattern which came out really nice as well. perhaps i will make some place mats or something. either way, weaving is amazing. i figured out the warp pretty easily and everything else was fairly simple. plus the loom is small enough so that i can weave in the car or in front of the tv (though its not something i'd take with me to school to work on during classes). i'm going to show my sister this weekend and see if i can get her hooked.

in other news, i finished a project for rita's birthday and i made myself a shawl today in record time. its huge and took me about two hours, i think i was speed crocheting or somehting. i started and almost finished in an hour, it was amazing.

Now what colors to make my next project?

Happy crafting!

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