Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday :)

It's friday, yay! just like this entire term this week has flown by. i was busy catching up on sleep from Reenactorfest and then the amazing Blackhawks game on tues (we won). then the next thing i know its friday once again and i have a fun weekend to look forward to. i am having a sewing day with the bf, hopefully we will have some reeancting costumes! on top of that valentines day is on sunday (i still need to finish the scarf for the bf).

but my most exciting thing this week was the fact that i found a small spinning wheel for about $46.00 on ebay and bought it YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! this means that i should be able to spin through all of my roving rather quickly once i figure out the wheel itself, good thing i have the alpaca and lama fiber saved up so i can practice and not use all my beautiful wool. should be fun!

happy crafting! i'll post some pics of the outcomes of our sewing party :)

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