Sunday, February 28, 2010


I love watching the Olympics on T.V. and i love fiber arts so when i heard about the Ravolympics i was immediately in love. even though i started three days late i think i accomplished alot for the thirteen days i competed. all in all it was fun to have an excuse to crochet non-stop. i think i watched more of the olympics than i thought i would because i had something to keeo me busy during those quarter and semi final runs :)

but now for the medal...i mean finished project count:

1 Pair of knit socks (my first knit project since i started to crochet in aug 2009 and my first pair of socks ever!)
5 shawls (two southbay shawlette's one eva's shawl and two ostrich feather fandango shawls)

while crocheting the shawls i pushed myself to go even faster and succeeded in making a shawl in 2 hours and 30 min. then i knit my way through two socks in less time than i ever imagined i could :)

I'm sad the olympics are over :( but i had a blast during the entire two weeks :D

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