Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This past weekend i attended reenactorfest and it was amazing. Basically it's like walking through a history book, everyone is dressed in period dress, and they all stay in character. i wanted to faint, it was like a dream come true. on top of all that, there was a large selection of yarn and roving since they are both nice compliments to a woman's outfit no matter what era she is from so i went yarn crazy. i got 16 balls of roving (at a very cheap price mind you) and two skeins of yarn, plus another drop spindle (which i love more than the first one but dont tell it i said that).

Hopefully i will actually get into reenacting sometime soon, i dont think i could handle a year away from it. Elizabethan, renaisance or the american civil war are my top three choices, and we already have some good connections with some romans and greeks in case we want to do that route :)

Hopefully i'll remember to post some pictures here in the near future :)

In other news, i finished shawl #7 of 2010 (and #5 of the South Bay Shawlette pattern though mine are hardly shawlettes any more since i've been using worsted or aran weight yarn to make the pattern not fingering weight) which just happened to be the two skeins i purchased at Reenactorfest. it is the most amazing color of lilac-y purple and it is now sitting on my shoulders keeping me toasty while i write this and look outside at the potential blizzard :p and i finally have a shawl pin in which to pin it together, which is awesome because all of my shawls used to fall off unless i used a safty pin which i didnt like the look of.

oh yes, of course, the reenactorfest ball on saturday was fantastic! everyone was in their period ball gowns or suits (or what not) and every song the dj played was from a different era (renaisance, civil war, swing...) so we danced some renaisance dances and watched some civil war dances, it was all great fun and hopefully next year i will have a gown to dance in not just a sun dress.

Thats all for now i suppose. i am going to a hockey game tonight for a friends b-day and i'm going to wear a team shirt but i am so happy with my shawl that i am wearing the shawl over a turtleneck to class then i will change before the game, how could i deny myself the comfort of a huge wool shawl when we might be hit by a blizzard?

Happy Crafting :)

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