Wednesday, March 24, 2010


so my wonderful wheel arrived on Friday and i have spent so much time getting to know her that i havent even posted anything about her yet... spinning is just so much fun! After taking about 2 hours to put together (and a mad rush to Lowes to get some spare screws) i sat down and tried to spin. At first i was awful! I couldnt draft, the fiber wouldnt stay on the started thread, i was freaking out...but i calmed myself down, changed fibers (the corriedale was not working for me :P) and was on my way to spinning my first skein (a wool blend i purchased at reenactorfest).

After ... 5 days of spinning, i have 1 grey skein, 2 chocolate skeins, and 3 white skein spun. so far i have crocheted a shawl out of the white (corriedale) and i have started the clapochet with the brown! i am almost scared to keep spinning because i will run out of fiber too soon and i dont hvae the budget to replenish my stock (or the LYS that stock cheap fiber). however there are a bunch of festivals coming up that i can get fiber at and i am making a trip up to The Fold in Marengo I.L. on Thursday so hopefully i can stock up on some merino while i'm there.

I have also started a bunch of spring cleaning around my house! It feels so nice to be home alone all day while i clean and have trashy tv on in the background :) And i am entertaining the idea of sleeping in... though it hasnt happened yet :( The smell of spring in my room and the sounds and the sun is all so enlightening! i wish it could last forver, but school starts next week so i have to get back to classes :P This term ended much better than i thought it would!

happy crafting!

here are some pics of Rosie and such!

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