Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring? Is that you?

Upon waking up to the successful blocking of my 5th and final RavOlympics shawl, I was delighted to hear a familiar sound, that of cute little birds chirping outside of my window. Now these are not just any birds, these are those birds that start to come around when Spring is near, and the chirp happily and flutter about. Even just hearing the sounds warms me up! Too bad when I look outside the grass is still brown. But these birds make waking up on a Monday reason to celebrate! Even the gray skies seem less gray, like they are about to give way to the sun (I know you are out there!). I can't believe me, lover of winter, is so happy about these little birds chirping.
See my little birds, they just left after I took this picture :( Well Spring is (oh I don't like the sounds of geese honking :P and they just flew by) just around the corner...hahaha. I'd like to think so at least. Then again, I live in Illinois, who am I kidding? Last year it snowed in April, right after I had gotten back from Spring Break. But I always try to hope for spring so maybe this year my wish will be granted!

Thinking about spring has made me daydream of my life. I want to live in a little cottage in the woods in a small town and wake up to this every morning :) I could sit by my window and smile at the little flowers that scatter the ground outside as i sip a cup of tea and do something relating to yarn or read a book. That sounds nice. But I have school today so my dreams of cottages and endless amounts of yarn must hold off. Ich muss deutsch sprechen und spaeter muss ich latein sprechen. Das gefaellt mir, aber ich bin muede und ich muss ins Bett bleiben.

Here are some pics from the RavOlympics!
Now what do I work on? I have now sucessfully completed my 10 shawls in 2010 goal by crocheting five more during the Ravolympics, that brings the total shwl count for 2010 up to 14!

Happy Crafting!

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