Monday, March 15, 2010


so usually i manage to avoid those bad luck final weeks when it comes to school but for some reason this term was different and boy did it strike hard!!! Today started off so ugh! I woke up an hour early, but i recovered by the time i was done with my german "final" since i had a sushi lunch and then a latin "final" to look forward to. (german was roll plays and latin was watching rome :D). by the time i got to latin i was just tired. when i got home i was fine and then i started to finish my geology stuff :S I corrected my paper. fine. I typed up notes. fine. I typed an extra credit paper. fine. Then i typed my works cited...still fine. but come time to print and all hell broke loose! i ran out of paper and this time i couldnt scrounge up a few extra sheets. then i stubbed my toe so badly it still hurts!!!!! and then after i found some paper from the 1980's (no joke! it's left over from when my mom and dad were first married) i ran out of paper again! but not everything is all printed but i left the stapler in the car so i'm leaving that for the morning. i can finally say i am done with the rush of work (boy am i glad i typed my paper two weeks ago!) all i have left to do is turn it all in and take the final :P this geology class has been awfully hard but i'm ready to take this test and be done with it. then...dare i say it...i'll be on spring break! and i dont have a headache right now :D

the one piece of news that keeps me motivated (well besides two weeks of no college) is that Rosie is in the mail!!!!! and i'll be here to recieve her!

well, wish me luck tomorrow!
Happy Crafting!

here is what i wrote about!Glacier Bay National Park!

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