Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To knit or not to knit...that is the question

So i recently knit a pair of socks and now it seems i have the knitting bug again. For my three years of knitting all i ever made was scarves scarves and more scarves ugh!!!! but after seeing how easy making my socks was i am tempted to try a sweater pattern...in particular OWLS because it looks easy enough, i can do cables and it seems like a fairly quick project. i want to use fishermans wool, but i'm undecided about the color as of right now...and i think i will knit this on my 10 1/2 needles seeing as i already own them. This weekend i am taking my sister out to a birthday breakfast and yarn trip so if i find better yarn at Hobby Lobby i will get it...if not to michael's for the fishermans wool. I recently made some money crocheting shawls so i think it will go towards yarn and the pattern itself and maybe needles :P

in other news, i finished my Seraphina shawl with the nature's brown fisherman's wool and i must say i loved both the pattern and the yarn. now i'm using natural to make my mom a shawl :D i cant stop crocheting shawls :D

i think i will knit the sweater during my 10 or so day spring break so i have time :) and the boyfriends grandma in case i have a nervous break down...i'm hoping this will go as smoothly as my socks :)

i also need to clean out my room and organize!!!! i want to get rid of some things, but i'm terrible at that so maybe i'll just put somethings away for a few months. although yarn, needles, hooks, heddles, a loom and books are really what is taking over my room...and i just cant get rid of any of that now can i :S

Happy Crafting!

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