Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It couldnt figure out a name for the title so hmm it is :)

i'm so excited to do a presentation in class tomorrow, and that is followed up by a test, which i'm even more excited about... what in the world is going on? I swore this entire term i hated geology, and i'm still not a fan, but i got to write a paper about glacier bay national park and now it seems as if geology has moved up a few rungs on the ladder :) now i'm taking a rock test which i will... rock hehe. yay!

i just cant explain why i am so overly thrilled about this...well it is a presentation in english after all...i cant remember the last time i've had a presentation in english. and my german class has definitely destroyed most of my uncomfortablness when it comes to public speaking (acting out silly skits in no where near to perfect stuff (i truly love it)).

and, i am happy to announce that as of 1:00 pm-ish today i will have completed my last Latin assignment for this term! then it is independent study for me from here on out...till next year ahhhh! we are watching rome for our final! i am so excited!

and my last little happy bit for the day, i started watching the Neverending Story yesterday. this was my favorite movie when i was a kid, and it was on Netflix so i got the bf to queue it for me and then curled up on the couch and enjoyed. i love it! its kinda corny and the effects are silly compared to now-a-days but even though i dont remember it i know i've seen it and watching it makes me feel like a kid again! i kept singing the theme song all night much to the bf's dismay :P

happy crafting!

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