Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleep :S

I need sleep! I should have been in bed by 9:30...which i was but i cant fall asleep. So i have occupied myself with other things such as looking at yarn, and patterns, and spinning wheels. sadly my first spinning wheel was not what i was looking for so that got sent back and now i just get to admire wheels since i dont have the money to buy one now. however, when i do have money i would like to get the ashford kiwi! i think its simply wonderful!

in other news, i have finished a five page paper on the geology of Glacier Bay National Park, and i am pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it was. This paper marked the last hard thing i have to do for this winter term! i only have one final, even though i'm taking three classes, and we are allowed a note sheet for the final!!! For german we are just having regular class, my professor doesnt believe in tests, and in Latin we are watching "Rome" which is fine by me because i looooove that show! But the best news of all is that i have two finals on monday and one on tuesday which means that i have no school on wednesday and my spring break starts one day early!!!!

I have already kicked off this final extravaganza by taking a Radio final today :P it was easy, as i expected, and now i'm done with the horrible radio meeting for two weeks or so.

In my free time i have been working on my knit sweater and at the moment have about 9 inches of the body done! this is really exciting and it is showing my that knitting isnt as awful as i thought it was...mainly because i'm making something besides scarves! i think i'd like to try a knit shawl next :) speaking of shawls, my sister finally made herself a shawl this past weekend! heres the story:
i took her out to breakfast as an early birthday present then we headed over to hobby lobby for a yarn shopping spree! She deiced she wanted to get a bunch of light airy colors for summer but couldnt figure out what to make with the yarn. i had been begging her for months to let me make her a shawl and she always said no, but all of a sudden she decided..."hey i think i'll make a shawl". a few hours later she was sporting a baby pink south bay shawlette and i was beaming with pride! This upcoming saturday is her acutal birthday so maybe she'll wear it then! she has already started another shawl, this one is with a baby blue cotton. it made me want to make a cotton shawl for summer seeing as i only have awesome heavy winter shawls...sans the mini mochi shawlette and the iceland yarn southbay.

typing this all out has made me a bit more tired, but i still cant bring myself to go to bed :P

OH! i must do a spring cleaning immediately...otherwise known as spring break! my room is so messy and i hate it yet i dont have time to really clean it :( so maybe that wednesday that i am off i will get rid of a bunch of stuff and feel really good about it! then perhaps my dad will take me up on a house cleaning offer :) maybe this wheel is a possibility after all :D

happy crafting!

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